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Easy Datun Herbal Brush is combination of

Small Pisces of Readymade Prebristle Datun
Comes With Easy to Use Handel

You won't need a plastic brush and Synthetic ingredient based paste / powder for oral care after you have brushed the teeth with FUNDO Brush. Moreover, it needs really very small amount of water to clean the mouth. When you chew the Fundo Herb Brush Cartridge ( which is a pre bristled twig ) it releases the it's medicinal content that will clean the oral cavities.

no synthetic toothpaste required

Diffrent soft Bristles

Herbal Twig Bristles are made and softened using the Patented Technology without distrubing the medicinal contents.

Different Size of Bristles For Both Kids & Adults

We have made it available diffrent sizes of britsles for both kids and adults, which is ready made and easy to use.

Hygenically Vaccum Packed Datun

Ready to use Herbal Datun is vacum packed to retain the freshness for longer period of time.

Teeth Shaped Datun For Precise Teeth Cleaning

The teeth shape cut of Readymade Herbal Datun enables precise teeth cleaning and without harming the soft gums.

Scientifically Designed Handel For Batter Oral Cleaning

The handle has been designed scintifically and availbale for the best uses. It can reach and twist easily to various parts of cabities to clean it smoothly.

Tounge Cleaner

Once you have finished the oral cleaning, you will be able to clean your tounge with the indicated tounge marks, it can clean your tounge properly with out making any injury.

We own the patented technology to make smooth and finest bristle from plant twigs : EASY DATOON Brush

Fresh, Unique, Natural, Disposable Oralcare Brush

We are inventer and owner of world's most economic and easy to operate, patented technology to manufacture the world’s most eco-friendly toothbrush. Be the change. Quit plastic brush and clean your mouth with 100% natural bristles.

no synthetic toothpaste required

How it Works

The FUNDO Brush is very easy to use. You can use it anywhere, anytime. No need to spit. Less water Required for oral cleaning.

complete details of fundo disposable oral brush

Peel and dip in water

Pull the bottom cap, take out a herb cartridge, fix it on top, unwrap it, and dip it water for 10 seconds.


Chew and Brush

Chew the herb catridge gently, it will release it's medicinal content that will clean the oral cavities.


Do the cleaning

Clean your teeth from all sides, use the tongue cleaner and it's done


Disposable in Nature

Pull out the used cartridge and throw in dustbin for eco friendly disposal.


FUNDO stands for Fresh, Unique, Natural, Disposable, Oral care Brush.
No toothpaste required. FUNDO is made up of Herbs bristles, while chewing it releases it's medicinal contains to clean oral cavities.
Yes, it's safe for children above 5yrs, following the uses instructions.
Yes, weekly, monthly packs are available online.
Yes, it's completely biodegradable.